YAJSW 12.14 – DOWNLOAD Free Latest Version 2019

There are various programming tricks which can be used to make the source code more efficient, but it all depends on the complexity of the target program and, of course, the developer’s programming skill. For instance, YAJSW comes as a Java service wrapper to enhance functionality of code and programs.

Using a wrapper in application has a number of advantages. For starters, a second subroutine can be called, or even a system call with little or no additional computation. This goes well for programming convenience, allowing the target program to handle system resources more efficiently, adapting class and object interfaces, code testing, as well as simulating multiple inheritance of base classes.

Needless to say that the target computer needs to be equipped with Java Runtime Environment. It’s possible to wrap nearly any native executable, Java process, or groovy scripts to be run as a Windows service. Since it runs on Java, it’s platform-independent.

The wrapper can be embedded within Java applications, and have it read from process output, or write to input. In case the target program needs to be delivered through the Java download manager, this can be done through JNLP configuration. Clever handling of code and groovy scripts can enable tray icon support, message tooltips, and more.

Console can be used to one’s advantage, with options to capture output to be logged, and even to trigger scripts on output matching regular expressions. The library is customizable and supports a variety of scripts, aiming to broaden programming capabilities.

YAJSW 12.14 - DOWNLOAD Free Latest Version crack Java wrapper
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YAJSW 12.14 Latest Features

  • Wrap any native executable, java process or groovy script and run it as windows service or Linux daemon
  • Easy Platform Independent installation of services/daemons
  • Platform independent configuration
  • Support for platform specific configuration
  • Wild card for classpath directories and files
  • Capture console output, log it, trigger scripts or restart process on output matching regular expressions
  • Monitor and automatically restart hanging or crashed processes
  • Trigger process execution and termination at specific cycles, times or scriptable conditions
  • Embed the wrapper within java applications
  • Read from process output or write to process input
  • Support for RunAs / sudo
  • Support for System Tray Icon. Display tray messages from a groovy script, for example in case of exceptions. Monitoring Console.
  • Support for generation of configuration file
  • Windows Cluster aware
  • Support for remote network launching
  • Support for jnlp configuration
  • Windows Session0 support

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