Will You Take Good Care Of Me If I Come To Your Home, Mummy?

Will You Take Good Care Of Me If I Come To Your Home, Mummy?

To every Family waiting on their bundle of joy, the time has come 🙏🏽

A pregnancy is high risk when the probabilities of mother and baby dying are increased due to factors complicating the pregnancy.

It occurs in about 10-20% of pregnancies and deliveries.

These factors can be health problems occurring before pregnancy, during pregnancy or in labor. They may be aggravated by the changes or stress that pregnancy and delivery places on a woman’s body.

These can lead to death or severe complications in pregnancy if no adequate care is put in place.

Causes of High -risk pregnancies includes :

Hypertension, Diabetes, Sickle-cell disease, obesity, age less than 20years and greater than 35years, previous cesarean sections, heart problems, kidney problems, infections like HIV and hepatitis, Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy, multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets etc), lifestyle factors(smoking, alcohol etc) etc. .

The list is so long however,  some can be treated and risk reduced greatly while others can not be treated or prevented.  In situations like some heart problems,  women are even advised not to get pregnant because it usually ends in death. .

We will discuss some of these factors and how to prevent them. .

Let’s us be part of your journey through pregnancy and delivery.
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