Why Kinsey Wolanski’s @kinsey_sue Instagram Account Has Been Removed

Ever since the 22-year-old model streaked during last night’s hugely anticipated game, she’s gained a bit of a name for herself and her Instagram account has grown by millions.

Wolanski, wearing a black swimsuit, jumped onto the pitch as Liverpool were up 1-0 against Tottenham Hotspur with the intention of getting some free advertising for her boyfriend’s adult site.

All You Need To Know About Kinsey Wolanski aka kinsey_sue
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Kinsey Wolanski @kinsey_sue Instagram Photos and Videos
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Emblazoned across her chest were the words, ‘Vitaly Uncensored’ – a site set up by her YouTuber boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, who previously invaded the pitch at the 2014 World Cup Final with the words ‘natural born prankster’ across his chest.

Kinsey Wolanski @kinsey_sue Instagram Photos and Videos

Why Kinsey Wolanski’s @kinsey_sue Instagram Account Has Been Removed

Zdorovetskiy also runs a popular YouTube channel called Vitaly Uncensored, where he posts similar pranks under the name VitalyzdTv. This time though, he decided to let his girlfriend take centre stage – and it seems it was a wise decision on his part.

Ever since Wolanski ran on the pitch – before eventually being stopped and taken off the pitch by security – her Instagram following has increased drastically.

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Yakoema reports that the model had a little more than 300,000 followers last night (June 1), shortly after she streaked. Now though? That following has increased by more than 2 million and is currently sitting at a comfortable 2.4 million.

Kinsey Wolanski @kinsey_sue Instagram Photos and Videos

Which, you know, is some going. Not only that, but Vitaly Uncensored gained around $3.97 million in advertising – all thanks to Kinsey’s short sprint up the field. Not bad for a day’s (well, minute’s) work.


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