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7 High Paying Jobs You Can Learn & Do From Home Without A Degree

7 High Paying Jobs You Can Learn & Do From Home Without A Degree
Published by Yakoema

Today I want to share with you some top high paying jobs you can learn & do from home without a college degree or profession that you can learn online and professions that allow you to work online without a college degree.

In the past four years, the online part of my income has started growing really fast so I just wanted to share some ideas on how you can do this too.

In this article, I’m going to talk about professions that you can either start doing right now or take a two-three week or maybe like two-month course online and start working.

Top High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home Without A Degree

1 – Translating

What I thought about translating it’s better to translate from English into your own language. For example, if you are Spanish you translate from English into Spanish because this is what’s most in-demand because if you’re a Spanish speaker it wouldn’t be the best idea to translate from Spanish into English without a proper or really good education. Unless you are bilingual but if you know good English or if you’re upper intermediate and with some help of the dictionary, you would be able to translate into Spanish. This is awesome.

A great website to look for different job postings is upward.com. I went on up work and checked what are the jobs for Spanish speakers and you can find tasks that are worth 500 dollars or 1000 dollars.

Imagine if you are from a poor country (poorer) compared to America, what you make online is actually a lot of money.

2 – Editing Text

This is coming from my own experience. If you are a native speaker or if you speak English and you want to help other people like there are so many people studying and using it every day who are not native speakers and there are so many emails being written in English with so many mistakes.

There are so many essays being written for American British Australian Canadian Universities. There are so many resumes being written in English and all of those people need help and this is why we started fluent.express.

Top High Paying Jobs You Can Learn & Do From Home Without A Degree

We are a native speaker instantly corrects your text in English and if you’re a native speaker or like super-advanced English language learner, you can go ahead and sign-up.

Joe managed his fluent Express and he would be able to onboard you if are qualified enough. Again, if you are an English native speaker, so many jobs you can do online starting with teaching Chinese kids English for example because this is a huge market editing texts and just helping foreigners with their English. Just the converse practice.

3 – Software Texting

This is something I found out about when I moved to Silicon Valley and the thing is with software testing, you only need three or four months to learn it and some people take a year but it depends on how good you are with the computer.

In order to start learning QA testing, you need to be good with a computer. Know how to search the internet, how to create folders, how to use Microsoft Word and Excel.

People make so much money like this is the number one profession in Silicon Valley for those who don’t have computer science education and want to want to do something with technology because the salaries are pretty high and again as I mention you can learn it pretty fast.

The average salary for a remote QA tester (a year) is $63,000 (sixty-three thousand dollars a year).

If were in Russia and I did this sixty-three thousand dollars $63,000 a year, in fact, that was really a lot of money.

4 – Landing Page designing

There are so many small businesses out there and there are so many tools to create landing pages like

  • Wix.com
  • Unbounce.com
  • Instapage.com etc.
  • LeadPages.com
  • Launchrock.com
  • HelloBar.com
  • FiveSecondTest.com
  • UserTesting.com
  • Olark.com
  • CrazyEgg.com
  • Optimizely.com
  • Visual Website Optimizer (vwo.com) etc.

So you basically do not need to know how to code, you just drag and drop things and I’ve done so many landing for lingua trip. When I first did, it took me like about two hours and when I did it last time two weeks ago, it took me thirty minutes because I know everything so once you master that skill you can just do two landing pages a day.

I checked out a website called fiverr.com. It started as a website where you could get any job done for five dollars but now they’ve transformed their idea a little so the prices range from $5.00 to $100 – hundreds.

Top High Paying Jobs You Can Learn & Do From Home Without A Degree

There are different posting of people who can create a landing page for you and the price ranges from $50.00 to $100.00 so if you make five landing pages per day, you can make 500 dollars depends on your skill on how much you like it.

And I think you need to have some taste for ux/ui design, how everything looks like then you just help people save their time and small businesses can concentrate on selling and you can help them create the website.

5 – Copywriting

If you love texts then listen carefully. Every business is now concentrated on creating content because content is king, content is how you find clients, content is how you educate them.

First, there’s a huge demand for good text for different websites in different languages like lingua trade was translated into six languages so we need text in all of them.

There are Instagram bloggers and Instagram is this platform that started as a platform where you just post pictures and now is transforming to a platform where you post a picture and you have to give some content like you have to write a good text and give people some value.

These stacks are coming from nowhere, they are just oh here’s the text. It’s really a lot of effort like I’m not a writer and I would spend half an hour per Instagram post text and additional photo part so it takes a lot of time.

I would not be able to write all of the articles for a website so we constantly look for a good copywriter. There are constantly thousands of companies out there looking for good copywriters and Instagram bloggers like not every single blogger can write a good text.

6 – Video Editing

Somebody who I started to for maybe when I was six months into YouTube because first I had no education in video editing (nothing) I just filmed with my iPhone, edit the videos with Imovie and tried to crop it.

Try and do a video in iMovie, it comes out so good. The program is really good, easy to understand, easy to work with and then you get magic.

There’re so many people who are starting YouTube vlogs and professional video companies charge churches like $15,000 per video.

Although if you are professional you can totally go that way if but if you just want some freelance income and wanna help people edit videos like beginner YouTube vloggers 15 dollars an hour or 20 dollars an hour on average it takes five to six hours to edit the video.

Another thing for everyone, it doesn’t matter what job you’re looking at. Start with creating a portfolio on some of the websites and you can do some jobs for free. Maybe you have clients or not or maybe you’re just starting out, do some jobs for free so that you can get a five-star rating maybe like three or four of them.

After doing that, organic orders will start coming.

Some of the software for video editing that I would recommend are iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas. This is what we YouTubers use a lot.

7 – Photo Editing

I just found this blogger, millions of subscribers Peter McKinnon. He teaches you how to edit photos so they can look really good so you can actually start photo editing, you can start with the easiest software like that is free vsco Lightroom, Snapseed, etc. They are free for the iPhone.

There are so many Instagram bloggers and companies that are starting Instagram and if you would help them make it look more professional with the better layout, better colouring they would hire you a hundred percent.

So you can start experimenting with your own Instagram because I guess Instagram is a platform where you would sell your services and I would advise you to make your Instagram look and then try to DM people on Instagram.

Reach out to them and say hey this’ how my profile looks like I see that you are trying to sell through Instagram but your photos are not really well. Don’t say that lol.

Tell them you can improve their performance by 30 or 40 percent and you’re you are willing to do it for free for a week. Again, you are doing this review and for your experience and then you will just start collecting money.

Basically, 30% of our employees of my team came from this kind of thing when they just reach out on social media, helped me for free and I realized they’re really good and I just hire them.

My advice for you on how to make the first step.

If you realized that you love photo editing, video editing or maybe vlogging is something you would love to do. Vlogging is this thing that doesn’t have a limit so on all of the other jobs that I’m mentioning here yes, you are limited by your time, by your skills etc.

With YouTube, once you post a video you post a video it can go viral and you can get millions of views so there’s no limit.

One of my friends has 700 thousand followers or subscribers on his YouTube channel and his videos get a million views every time he posts some of his videos. He does kids content and he makes over $40,000 a month.

He lives a happy life and pays a lot of taxes though. He enjoys his life in Florida and does really nothing like two videos a month because he understands that this is not a job that he could maintain throughout his life but this is a great source of income. He’s in his 30s then enjoys life and makes some savings.

So if you have this urge to talk about something, don’t postpone like the best time to start is now. Take out your phone and start recording, post a couple of videos. You don’t have to start making income straight away like I got my first hundred dollars check from YouTube when I was six months into my Russian Channel and I had like 10,000 followers.

It wouldn’t start coming in really fast but once you start growing the checks will be bigger and bigger but you can not just start vlogging just for the sake of making money cuz you’re npt gonna lot it. You can go-ahead with YouTube if you love to talk.

And also, start at Instagram it doesn’t pay for the views but again you can sell stuff through Instagram later or get paid ads.

Thanks for reading and see you some other time.

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