The Number One Success That No One Talks About

Self Esteem is the foundation of all success. Now I’m not talking about arrogance, pride or confidence. I’m talking about self Esteem.

What Is Self Esteem?

Self Esteem is something that your parents didn’t give you. Think about when you were growing up when you wanted to do something or take some risk, what did your parents or friends tell you?

You are not trained for this, no one in our family is an entrepreneur, you have no enough education or you don’t know the right people. Just be content right, be happy of what you have. Some other things people say, hey son I want you to be successful but not too successful.

I want you to think about what is holding you back, the goals that you have that you want to achieve. Why don’t you do what deep down that you are suppose to do? Why don’t you take that risk or why don’t you start that business? What’s stopping you? Because you luck Self Esteem.

The next question you might have. Okay then

How do i build my Self Esteem?

Let me give you perfect example. Let’s say you have a friend of yours that he tells you all the time, hey men let’s hangout. Let’s go grab a drink or let’s do something, he will council on you and that happens again and again.

So let me ask you a question. If that happens all the time how would you feel about this friend or person? Would you trust him or her? Not so much.

The reason you don’t have high Self Esteem because you have a lousey truck record. Meaning how many times you promise yourself that you gonna do something but you don’t. How many time you make promises to yourself but you don’t deliver?

You don’t follow through on those promises and guess what, when you do this enough for enough times or years you have low self esteem because you know yourself. Oh Yeah I wanna do that am not gonna follow through or I’m not gonna make it happen and that’s why your self esteem is low.You don’t even believe in yourself.

Little things, big things, you make a promise to yourself, and you deliver. And that’s how you build your self-esteem! 

So I want you to ask yourself, be very very honest, comment below.

Do you deliver on what you promise yourself? Or do you have a lousy track record? Do you always break your promises?

That’s the difference, when you have low self-esteem, nothing works. Whatever goals that you have, it’s not gonna work. That’s the one secret that no one talks about. Unless you build your self-esteem, the foundation of all success, none of that matters. This is the key, that’s the key that no one talks about.

So make a promise to yourself and then you do it and then you follow through, and see what happens to your self-esteem.