Why Am I So Emotional Lately? FEMALE ISSUES 2019


Ah, the joys of being a woman! one minute was happy, floating on air la la la, the next was a crumpled mess crying in the bathroom because someone spilled the milk & didn’t clear it up lol. An emotional person is someone who is easily affected with or stirred by emotions. It is good to know about ourselves and our personalities. Some people are more emotionally led than others, and knowing this can prevent lots of heartache and pain in life. If your a whole whirlwind of emotions & don’t really know why then here are a few suggestions as to what could be going on behind the scenes. Cheer up girly ;]

1. Period.

Sometimes I feel myself getting really uptight & angry about small things. Then when I catch myself & wonder why I’m so uptight, I remember that… ah, my period is due…PMT! Some people suffer really bad from this. I have a friend who can be a bit of a monster at this time so I steer clear. If you feel a bit out of control at this time, more than the average person then do a bit of research. Find out what your triggers are, learn to relax & breath. When does your mood begin to change during the month? etc. Oh & always apologize to others for your diva outbursts, you think they don’t notice or should understand why your having a dig & a moan about every little thing, but don’t make poor excuses for being an out of control premenstrual monster lol

2. Workload.

There have been times in my life especially when I was signed to a major record company (part of my girl band days ;p) & juggling client jobs with modeling/presenting/blogging etc it can get stressful juggling so many things at one time. I remember when my sister was at uni & she called me in tears, it was nearing the end of her course so the work & essays were pretty intense. She said she couldn’t cope anymore, the stress of the workload & juggling work & stress about fees was getting on top of her.

So maybe you’re at an extremely busy point in your life, maybe starting a new job & have been flung in at the deep end, intense study work, looking after children, etc. Your work load is a bit more than you can handle, so what I do is I have a day off, sleep, relax, watch a movie, anything that involves track suit bottoms & a pillow, or if I cant do that I have a great big cry from the depths of my soul (deep I know) a few deep breaths, wash my face, get a pep talk from a friend & dust off & carry on. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you give yourself a much needed time out & get back on track.

3. Relationships.


Are you having problems with your man? not necessarily big ones maybe, just little niggly ones, where you feel he’s not as attracted or as excited as he uses to be. Or do you let his little habits grind on you? like when he leaves a mess & expects you to clear it up, being taken for granted, etc.

Maybe you had a recent argument with your friend & finally made up but things seem a little different & distant? With relationships its never easy. You can’t please people all the time. Things never stay exciting forever & ever amen! You just get on with the daily grind, you’ll have your special moments from time to time again. With friends sometimes you just naturally grow apart or another situation will come along & that will bring you closer together again. People just need space every now & then to realize what they have.

4. No direction.

If we have no dreams, goals or a future to look forward to then we loose a sense of meaning. I have a family member who is an adult but still has no clue what they really want to do in life. So that spring in the step, a reason to wake up in the morning with get up & go, passion in the eyes is just absent. You feel no sense of urgency or zest for life. You say your fine but deep down, you don’t really care about anything cause nothing makes you feel passionate. The happiest people are the ones who know what they want. They have something that drives them. They have something to measure & can see the results & benefits.

If your stuck & have nothing to work towards, then start by finding someone you admire, find out about their lives, most times you’ll be surprised what they went through, the struggles & how they came out. Is there a hobby you could do without being paid? Why not turn it into a real skill & do what you love for a living. Set small goals, get self-help books or audiobooks, listen to them, make notes & get yourself back in the game, there’s something for everyone. Don’t expect the answer to drop out the sky…seek & you will find.

5. Contraceptive pill.

Have you recently started taking this, or maybe you’ve been on it for a while? Side effects of taking contraceptive pills are not unusual & vary between women. These can be both physical and emotional. If it’s necessary for you to continue hormonal birth control, you might keep a log of daily side effects, to see if they’re worse at different phases of your cycle. From my personal experience, I had a really bad reaction to taking the pill. You must seek the right method for yourself & for your health. Speak with your doctor if you are having really bad side effects & suspect your contraception is to blame.

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