Raising Many Kids? Why You Should Not Fear

Children are a blessing from God, right? There are various reasons why couples decide to have a few or many children.

But firstly, why would you need many children?

Kids make some people happy: They fulfill a dream, give people meaning, help pass along family traits, traditions, and genetics to another generation.

Raising Many Kids Why You Should Not Fear 1

Big families share more happiness. Although some research indicates that big families decrease couples’ happiness. To complicate it further, some research shows that big families are happier than small families.

Raising Many Kids Why You Should Not Fear 2

Many people enjoy the bustling chaos of multiple children underfoot. Personally, I know families who are as content with two children as they are with eight: As long as the children are cared for, loved, protected, and nourished, why not?

Another reason people have kids, that other liberal women may fail to understand, is that it takes a certain level of selflessness to raise a family. When a selfless adult is paired with a difficult task, it produces a little-known concept in modern society: joy.

Raising Many Kids Why You Should Not Fear 3

When parents raise children, they discover the kind of joy that comes from experiencing grief, hardship, difficulty, and character tests. Kids, by their very nature, make these things happen like it’s their job.

Whether it’s through larger challenges (like illness, disease, addiction, or rebellion) or small things (like a crying baby or getting dinner on the table amid another sports practice), these things can test even the most patient person.

Kids also bring good times to a family which are too numerable to count. Precious moments — eating ice cream on a hot day, watching a child read for the first time, or splashing in the ocean with them — when coupled with the stress of raising a child often translate to joy.

For children, it’s often the simplest things that give them the purest glee — watch a child in a sprinkler on a hot day, and you’ll know what I mean — and this can make mom and dad smile and, for a moment, push aside their own delirium and stress.

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Most importantly, when your kids grow to adults, who knows? They might bring you a fortune and be your strong pillar in your old age. Free yourself from the fear of raising many kids.
Source: Daily Active