How Much YouTube Paid Me For 1 million Viewed Video 2020

How Much YouTube Paid Me For 1 million Viewed Video 2020.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how much YouTube paid me for 1 million Viewed Video and of course, I’m not gonna be like the other YouTubers who give you estimates. Nah, I’m gonna tell you straight out how much I made.

Before I do, I just want to let you know that everybody’s revenues’ different as well as the CPM (they are all different) because of our niches. We all make different amounts of money per thousand views but I know a lot of you want to know how to make money on YouTube or how much do YouTubers make. Hopefully, I answer your question today.

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How Much Youtube Paid Me For 1 million Viewed Video 2020

Here is my 1 million viewed video. It has 1,364,020 views (One Million Three Hundred & Sixty-Four Thousand) right now so I still get a lot of views.

January 14th now, on the first day January 3rd I hit 19 thousand views and those 19 thousand views made me a $180 (Hundred & Eighty USD) so right now I’m making about $5.50 per thousand views. Not bad guys, Not bad.

This video in the first two days, It only has 52 thousand views I knew there was going to be a good video and it made $215 so 6 days after I posted the video, it was getting some good views every day. Now,

How much do I earn per day with this single video? I make $24, $8, $15, $19, $32, etc.

Now, I almost got 200,000 views. I made over $700 and I’m thinking this is a good video and then I don’t know what happened. The video just went BOOOOM because on the next day on the 10th (we’re in the 14th right now). On the 10th, oh my Goodness, it went from 50,000 views to 150,000 views. It went from making me $220 to $700 (from two hundred and twenty US dollars to Seven hundred Dollars). Not bad guys.

On the next day, it made even more. look at that still going up and it went from 150,000 views to 248,000 views. It went from making $700 to $1,145.25. Right now, I’m freaking out I’m like no way, how’s this possible?

On the 12th, I hit 1 million views already ($1,104,419). A million views, it made me $3,700.00.

January 1st – January 12th, I got almost 2 million views (1,825,806 views) on my YouTube channel. I made almost 7,000 US dollars and my channel gained 25 thousand subscribers. That’s only the first 12 days of the month, 18 more days to go.

My most earning on YouTube was about 7,000 US dollars in one month and that was November.

Now of course, I want to see how much YouTube pays me for a viral video. Hopefully, my video will get about 2 million views or 3 million views in the first month. We’ll see how it goes by the end of the month, I’m going to write another content to see how much this video made me in one month.

Why Am I showing You How much YouTube Paid Me For 1 Million Views

I’m only showing you because I want to motivate you. I’ve been doing YouTube for three years and trust me that was a lot of time. I thought this wasn’t gonna work at all but I just stuck and now, it’s paying off.


If you ever thought about making a YouTube channel, start right now. Just make any type of videos you want and get feedback. I always make sure to get feedback on my videos, if it gets good amount of views, good thumbs up or people liking in the comments, I keep making more of the same videos like that.