How Much Money I Spent On My Youtube Channel Get To 70k Subscribers

How Much Money I Spent On My Youtube Channel Get To 70k Subscribers

How Much Money I Spent On My Youtube Channel To 70K Subscribers.

You guys already know that there’s a lot of talk going on right now about how much money YouTubers make and there are several videos on YouTube I’ve even contribute to it sharing how much money are you making as a YouTuber.

But have you ever wondered how much YouTubers spend on their business because here’s the thing, owning a YouTube channel is owing a business and expenses are a huge part of that so in this article, I want to share exactly how much money I have spent on my business in one year.

My Youtube Channel Equipments

I feel like the first thing we have to talk about is the equipment. I honestly used to think that it was easy and cheap to run a YouTube channel and I’m not going to lie you can get started on your phone you can film, edit and upload on your phone but in reality the cost of the phone that’s still a decent amount of money so, over the past couple of years.

I have definitely invested back in my YouTube channel in terms of my equipment, in particular, I did buy my new camera. I got a new camera but I was filming on the Canon EOS m 50. I got backup batteries for my Camera and a different (spare) charger.

I bought myself a handheld tripod and a tall tripod which I usually use for almost all my videos and I think that’s all I bought this year but in total, I’ve spent over $700 (USD 700) just on my equipment.

My Monthly YouTube Channel Expenses

When you first start a YouTube channel you’re definitely not thinking about these monthly expenses. Honestly some of these things you do not need from the very beginning that I’ve noticed over time my monthly expenses continue to grow because I’m realizing that I need more services and more platforms so that I can continue to grow my brand.

So the very first thing we should talk about is your email list. If you guys do not have an email list right now or you guys do not grow your email list right now, let me tell you. That is is really a great way to grow your YouTube channel as well as if you’re looking to sell anything in the future or make more money an email list is a really powerful thing to have.

I currently use convertkit email list builder. I absolutely love it because I’ve been using it basically since I started my email list but this past year alone. I’ve spent $588.00 (USD 588 “Five Hundred and Eighty-Eight Dollars”) just to get access too convertkit because I keep moving up in different levels and now, I think I’m 3 or 4 levels deep.

I’m paying a decent amount every single month just for convertkit. It’s a lot of money.

The next thing is QuickBooks. If you guys do not now what QuickBooks is, it’s basically like an accounting software program that helps you manage your finances. It tracks all of my income coming in and all of my expenses going out and really that’s what helped me to create this list today.

I invested in this a year and half ago at this point so just this past year alone, I spent $275 (USD 275 “Two Hundred and Seventy-Five”) to use QuickBooks.

We have teachable you guys already know that this is the platform that I use for all my paid products. I do love “teachable” and it’ makes it so easy for me to host my courses as well as paid products, digital downloads all of that stuffs just in one place.

So, Teachable alone I spent $505.00 (USD 505 “Five Hundred and Five dollars”) on this past year.

Now the last thing I’m paying monthly for is Canva. This is something that I started to pay for in October. I’ve been using the free version forever but in October I just kind of got to the point where I wanted t download images that had transparent backgrounds so I could take my YouTube videos up or not.

If you pay for Canva, you can actually download images that way so when I have text up here on the screen that’s actually designed in Canva and then I add it over my videos using iMovie.

I just started paying for Canva in October so I’ve only paid $39.00 (USD 39 “Thirty-Nine Dollars)

Now, All four of those I have been paying monthly for at this point I think in 2020 I’m probably going to end up paying yearly or annually for them so I can save a little bit of money.

The latest thing I actually would call like a subscription-based service is Tailwind. I use that to manage my Pinterest account that tailwind they pay yearly for so every month I pay for it. I end up paying $120.00 (USD 120 “One-hundred and twenty” dollars)

Just for my monthly service miscellaneous things that I need to run my YouTube channel slash brand in general, this is all big picture stuff here I have spent $1527.00 (USD 1527 ” One thousand five hundred and twenty-seven dollars”) in just 2019.

And of course, that’s not where it ends I consider myself pretty lucky because for my videos I don’t need any props but I think that there are definitely some other niches where you have to pay a decent amount of money for the things that are included in your YouTube videos.

For me, it’s just my office and my background so I don’t have to pay for a backdrop and then all of my videos including me, my computer, my analytics all of that stuffs is free.

But some other expenses that you guys may not think about. The first one is hosting giveaways. Guys I try to host up these two giveaways a year and this year I spent over $200.00 on my giveaways also to attend to conferences. YES, that is a business expense especially if you are going to learn more or educate yourself that is a good way to invest back in yourself as well as your business. I invest my name at $659.00 this year on conferences.

The last thing is my mastermind group. I did pay to be a part of my mastermind group and I paid almost $500.00 and that is a business expense. In the years past, I have invested in courses as well as different services like I’ve had to hire freelancers before because I’ve crushed my website and just other miscellaneous problems or snags that I’ve run into.

Thankfully, this year I was really trying to be fergal so I didn’t have to invest in any services and I decide not to invest in any courses because I did join a mastermind.

Total with everything that I’ve shared with you so far I’ve ended up spending $3589.00 on my YouTube channel/Brandon.

Honestly, I think that’s pretty low I think because a lot of other successful YouTubers are spending way more than that on their equipment as well as hiring help or different services that they need to do what they do. For me, like I already said I didn’t end up hiring anyone this year or I didn’t even have to contract out freelances or anything like that so I was able to save a decent amount of money but $3589.00, that’s pretty low.

My Blog / Website Expenses

I actually have two websites. One for my contents and the second one for online courses (TCB courses). Now TCB courses the hosting is done through Teachable so I don’t have to pay for that hosting but I do have to pay for both domains and the hosting. For my blogs, I ended up spending $275.93 just to have those two websites up and running.

So now, the real total how much I ended up spending on my brands in 2019 including the miscellaneous expenses that I didn’t even share in this article, I ended up spending $4,636.75.

What You Need To Know As A New YouTuber

But one thing I really want you guys to take away from this article is that having these expensive and investing back into your business or your brand is a good thing. Not only is it good for taxes because these are all considered deductions that are really going to help you when you are paying your taxes. Make sure you are tracking everything appropriately so you can write off, in reality, I think the more that you invest back into your the more reward you are going to see and possibly even faster growth.

Let’s say right now you are filming on your phone because you can’t afford a camera. You will reach a level where you will not be comfortable with the phone filming anymore so when that time comes, don’t be afraid to invest in your channel.

My Upcoming Youtube Channel Expenses or Investments

This year, I really do have some big things that I want to invest in. I want to get a MacBook. I already have a MacBook desktop but I only edit YouTube videos when I’m at home. This year especially I’m planning tp Paris so I need to have something that I can actually work remote from that’s why I’m investing in a MacBook (MacBook laptop) this year.

I also want to improve my audio quality by getting a quality mic and also thinking about maybe advancing my lighting situation in my office and definitely some other things that I plan on purchasing / investing in this year.

My Advice To You As A new YouTuber

I do believe that if you guys are considering purchasing a paid product, a course or you want to hire a coach, a mentor or someone, do it because that’s just going to take you to the next level.

Don’t ever be afraid of investing in your YouTube channel or brand because it’s just going to pay off in the long run.

Alright, that’s it for this article or post.