Do You Have To Wake Up Early To Be Successful

You see this on social media very often people talk about the morning Rechel or waking up very very early in the morning. All successful people wake up in the morning.

So, do you actually need to wake up early morning to be successful?

That’s one of the problem with people don’t know how to filter advice. Now, are there a lot of people who are successful who wake up in the morning? Absolutely, but are there also a lot of people who are successful who don’t wake up in the morning? Absolutely. But is this propaganda on social media that people focus so much on that.

Success has to do with your habits what you do on a consistent base and you have to know, what time in a day that you are more productive? For some people, it is early in the morning where there’s no distraction.

There are people still sleeping and go through the day, maybe you go workout or you do meditation then you plan the day that’s fine.

For some people, they don’t wake up early. They wake up whatever time and then work late at night. I’m like that, I find the most creative late at night when it’s quiet, when there’s no noise or when there’s not a lot going on.

I find that those quite time sometimes become my thinking time so that’s what works for me. I think you need to find what works for you. It doesn’t matter who you are getting advise from ok, it could be from me, it could be from anybody else but you have to know yourself enough.

If it doesn’t work for you if you get up early in the morning, you are like oh my God I’m so tired. You are sleepy, you are exhausted, for many many days and that’s just like you screwed up your biological clock then it doesn’t work for you.

You define what works for you, up soul what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is eventually on your own. So sometimes is just as useful knowing what advise not to follow, compared to advise that you should follow.

You have to try out. Don’t take anything that oh that’s the only way to do it, no you gotta find your own path. You are gonna find what works for you.