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5 Main Reasons Why You’re Not Growing On Instagram In 2020

5 Main Reasons Why You are Not Growing On Instagram In 2020
Published by Yakoema

Does this sound familiar: Why aren’t I growing on Instagram? Why is my Instagram page not growing? How can I grow my Instagram 2020?

Now let’s grow on Instagram. You won’t need to ask how to get more followers on Instagram 2020 or why my Instagram account is not growing anymore. You’ll have all the best tips to grow organically on Instagram. Enjoy!

Now, in this article, I’m going to answer a question that I get so often sliding into my DMS and that is MacDan, why am I not growing on Instagram? Why does the Instagram algorithm hate me and I’m shadowbanned? All these things.

Well I’m here to tell you that before you jump into conclusions thinking that your Instagram is out to get you, that the algorithm sucks or that you are shadowbanned, I highly encourage you to read this article because I’m going to go over the top real reasons why you may not be growing on Instagram.

So if you are interested in learning more about this, then keep on reading because it will solve all your problems.

1. No Clear Focus

Reason number one of why you are growing on Instagram is probably because you have a clear focus.

Now, What exactly do I mean by this? Well, I’m basically saying that you don’t have a clear niche. When someone goes onto your page, they’re not sure why they should follow you. Are you a fashion page, travel page, makeup page, motivational page or are you just a simple, beautiful selfie page?

Why should someone follow you if you don’t have a clear niche or clear focus for your account, then it doesn’t really give a reason why people should follow your content and engage with you.

Now, let’s say you’re someone who’s reading this article and you are like, MacDan, I do have a niche. Well, my second question is, are you communicating your niche clearly? Because you also want to realize that your bio is one of the first impressions that someone is going to have of your account. And if your bio isn’t inviting and it’s not clear on what you do and your content doesn’t match your niche either, then you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

The idea here is that even though you have a niche, your profile needs to be able to clearly communicate that niche so that in a split second, someone can easily determine whether or not they want to follow your account.

2. Irrelevant content

Now, I kind of already touched on this, but the second reason why you not growing on Instagram is that you are posting irrelevant content.

What this means is that in your mind, you might think that you are a travel account, beauty account, business account, all of these things, but if your content isn’t truly reflecting that and you don’t have a clear understanding of what your audience really wants from you or what they find valuable and you don’t deliver on that, then that’s going to be a huge problem.

People are either going to unfollow you or they’re not going to follow you at all.

The idea is that you got to make sure that the content that you’re doing is truly intentional and that it’s not irrelevant to your audience. This means that instead of guessing what your audience likes or only posting things that you like.


  • Do research.
  • Go on forums
  • Go on polls where your ideal audience is hanging out and look at what they’re posting.
  • Look at your competitors and see what they are posting.

Really make a list of all the questions, faces, desires, interests that your ideal audience has and create content around it because like I said earlier, If you’re not doing intentional content, then you’re really not giving a reason for people to follow you.

5 Main Reasons Why You are Not Growing On Instagram In 2020

3. Irrelevant Hashtags

Relevancy is key on Instagram that people want to engage with content pieces that are truly relevant to them.

However, even if you have a niche or you are creating content that truly sticks if you’re using the wrong hashtags that aren’t truly targeted to the people that you’re trying to attract, then even if you attract all this traffic, it’s never going to convert to a follower because you’re not attracting the right people in the first place. The reason for this is you got to think about hashtags basically as if they were keywords.

If you are a beauty influencer and you’re using fitness hashtags or using hashtags like follow for follow, you’re not really going to attract the right audience even if your content or niche is on point.

If you’re attracting people that are from the fitness industry, even though you do makeup that person is never going to follow you because your content is not relevant to them.

So if you could be a little bit more intentional with your hashtags and make sure that you’re using the right hashtags, that’s going to attract that right audience for you, it’s going to be able to have higher conversion and higher your chances of people actually following your account.

4. No Engagement

Something that you need to know is that Instagram is on an interest-based algorithm, meaning that it’s only going to show you content that you’re truly interested in or that you’ve engaged in the past.

Meaning that if you are not engaging with your audience or you’re not giving opportunities for your audience to engage with you, whether it’s through DM or through the comments section, then it’s going to decrease the chances of your account actually showing higher on the feed post or higher on the Instagram story feed.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that when you’re on Instagram, it’s not just a one-way street and it’s a two-way street. We’re not only the people engaging with you, but you’re engaging back. You are increasing the chances of Instagram really seeing that you are an account that they like to engage with.

If you are not leaving any opportunity on the table to do this and you’re just not engaging at all, then it’s gonna really hurt you in terms of gaining visibilities for your account.

5. Luck Consistency

Consistency very similar to any social media platform like Youtube, Facebook or Instagram rewards the content creators who are consistent and who allow their audience members to stay on the platform for longer.

Like I said, this is the exact same way for Youtube and the exact same way for Facebook as well.

For me, even though I’m someone who doesn’t really post on the feed every single day, I still try to make sure I’m at least on Instagram stories every single day in order to ensure my consistency, but not only this to make sure I am always top of mind with my audience.

When you become more consistent on the platform, or whether it’s using IGTV, feed posting or Instagram stories, it’s not going to only increase your exposure for your account, but it’s also going to increase the chance to engage with you.

And like I said earlier because Instagram is on an interest-based algorithm, the more that they interact with your account, the more your content will actually show up on their feed.

Not only this, if you increase your consistency and the amount of times that you’re posting, it’s also going to increase the chances of someone reposting your content, mentioning you on their stories and all of that, which will then introduce you to new audiences and therefore you’re going to get more traction on your account as well.

Now obviously for feed posts, it doesn’t mean that you need to be posting every single day. However, at a minimum, I highly encourage you to at least post on your Instagram stories every day because it doesn’t take too much time from you. And also like, I mention in this article right here, more and more Instagram stories are becoming a lot more popular, so I highly recommend that you actually take the time to be at least consistent on your Instagram stories.

6. No External Traffic

I personally believe that it takes a platform to grow a platform and if you want to accelerate the growth of your Instagram account, you should be planning your Instagram handle on sites outfits of Instagram.

This can be as simple of making sure that the cover banner or the contact information within your Facebook profile shout out your Instagram handle.

It could be reposting your Instagram posts to Facebook so that people can see that and go to your Instagram account.

It could be something like updating your email signature and adding your Instagram handle.

It could be creating a Youtube channel or a podcast and making sure that you’re shouting out your Instagram handle so that people can follow you.

There’s so many different ways that you can drive traffic to your Instagram account, but if you truly want to accelerate your growth and 10x your growth, I highly, highly recommend that you are getting off of Instagram and making sure that you’re driving traffic to your Instagram in order to get more followers.

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